Healthy Chicken Nachos

These chicken nachos are so delicious and easy to make, you really feel as though you are having a special meal.


▪️ Chicken breast

▪️ Salsa of your choice

▪️ Mozzarella

▪️ Corn kernels

▪️ Purple Onion

▪️ Cherry tomatoes

▪️ Mountain Bread Wraps

▪️ Topping of your choice – avocado, sour cream, philly cheese, Greek yoghurt (personally I used light philly cream cheese).


1. Pre-heat grill to 180 degrees

2. Cut wraps into triangles (like tortilla chips)

3. Place onto baking tray

4. Cut chicken breast into strips

5. Pan fry on high heat until lightly browned

6. Add salsa and a touch of water – allow this to reduce

7. Cut salad items of choice or prepare ones listed above

8. Once sauce has reduced – add mozzarella cheese to melt on top

9. Place triangle wraps into grill and cook until brown or crispy (only takes a few minutes so be careful!)

10. Serve on a plate with desired toppings!


Much love,


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