Peri – Peri Chicken

I haven’t been using a lot of new recipes or creative pieces lately – I have been juggling work and what not so I’ve been sticking to things I know and that are easy. I seasoned my chicken differently this week and it gave a great flavour and spice to the meal. This is really versatile so if you want extra carbs make it into a clean burger, dice it up and use feta instead of tasty cheese in a nice salad or add brown rice for a stir-fry type meal.


▪️ Packet of chicken breast

▪️ Peri Peri Seasoning

▪️ 1 Bunch Asparagus

▪️ 1 Onion

▪️ Half a large capsicum

▪️ Half a large zucchini

▪️ Bega Light Tasty Cheese

▪️ Mayonnaise or Greek Yoghurt

▪️ Peanut Oil


1. Flatten the chicken breast using a mallot.

2. Season generously with peri peri seasoning.

3. Pan fry first side until golden brown.

4. Cut up the vegetables.

5. Heat teaspoon of peanut oil in wok.

6. Cook veggies for 7 mins or so or until veggies are just tender but still slightly crunchy.

7. Turn chicken to other side while veggies cook.

8. When chicken is nearly cooked – add sliced cheese until slightly melted.

9. Add everything into a bowl and top with either mayonnaise or Greek yoghurt depending on your diet preference.


Much love,


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