Marinated pork chops

These ones were super easy and I made the marinate by accident. I grabbed the ginger out thinking it was garlic so it ended up with an Asian sort of flavour.


▪️ Pork chops

▪️ Lemon juice

▪️ Garlic

▪️ Ginger

▪️ Italian herbs

▪️ Olive Oil


1. Rub both sides of pork with olive oil

2. Rub teaspoon of garlic and ginger on both sides

3. Place into a freezer bag

4. Add herbs and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

5. Shake bag well

6. Allow to rest in fridge for two hours before cooking

7. Cook in pan on medium heat

Now if you need high levels of protein, chops don’t give you a lot of ‘meat’ so I do need to find an alternative for this. Although you can pair this with whatever carbs you enjoy like potato, sweet potato or pumpkin and other veggies to help fill you up.

I actually chose to wok fry fresh vege with peanut oil to tie in with the accidental Asian marinade I made. Next time I will probably chop up meat after cooking, add brown rice and make it a stir fry – mmmm yum yum!


Much love,


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