Meal Prep – A Day of Food

I usually try and meal prep each week whether that be just cooking up heaps of veggies and having cold turkey or taco mince but this week I did a full proper prep with a balance of all foods.

I have had terrible stomach issues over the last couple of years so one thing I absolutely swear by is a good probiotic – helps with bloating, gas and general stomach comfort and gut health. Part of my daily routine.

This prep was super easy and quick…..


60grams XO Crunch

150ml Almond Milk

30ml Sugar Free Maple

80-100gram Banana

Cinnamon to taste

Vanilla Protein Shake

Morning Tea:

Strawberry YoPro

30 grams hummus

Carrot Sticks – 1 Carrot


150grams Spaghetti Bol Meat (I add a full zucchini to it just for extra micronutrients)

100-150gram fresh salad (this week I also threw in broccoli)

15-25grams of Parmesan

Afternoon Tea:

2 wholegrain rice cakes

100grams of cottage cheese

15ml sugar free maple

100 grams of strawberries

Mix the maple into the cottage cheese. Spread the cottage cheese onto the rice cakes and top with strawberries.

Handful of green beans just to munch on! Extra protein!

I then cook dinners fresh. This amounts to approx 1200 calories so I have more than enough left for dinner and a little choccie or coffee in the day.

Much love,


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